Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Dr. Zeluff determines I need surgery?

Dr. Zeluff has a number of highly-skilled gynecologic surgeons readily available for consultation and referral if non-surgical options either have been exhausted or if they are determined to be inappropriate for the circumstances. By not doing major surgery himself, financial gain does NOT influence his decisions or recommendations.

What if I decide to have a baby?

Dr. Zeluff provides pregnancy-confirmation visits, and will refer you to any of a number of qualified obstetricians for continuing care. After delivery, he will be happy to see you again for care until your next pregnancy.

What if I don’t have insurance, or if Dr. Zeluff is not a Provider on my program?

Dr. Zeluff offers substantial discounts for cash patients. If you do have insurance with a company he has elected not to contract with, your lab tests will go to a facility on your program. A claim will be submitted to your insurance company on your behalf so that at least the visit will be applied to your deductable.

What if I just want a second-opinion regarding care I am currently receiving?

Dr. Zeluff will be happy to offer his opinion regarding your care with another physician. This is done on a confidential basis unless you want him to communicate with your physician.

Do I have to have a referral for my visit with Dr. Zeluff?

No, patients can make their own appointments for care in the vast majority of circumstances. There are a few programs that do require you to obtain a referral from your primary care physician, and this is something you should confirm with your insurance company prior to your appointment.

What happens if I don’t have my insurance card?

We cannot bill your company without a basic set of information such as your ID number, Group number, insurance billing address and company phone number. If this information is not available, we will have to ask you to pay the “cash patient” price for your care at the time of service. When you receive your insurance information, we will be happy to submit a claim on your behalf. When your company processes the claim, a refund of any overpayment will be made to you.


"...He is a great doctor. For something that most women hate doing every year, he doesnt make you feel uncomfortable or weird about female problems. I would recommend him to anyone i know. He is very warm and so is his staff..."
Sherie P
"...He's a great doctor.He spends time with you & answers any and all questions you have. I will highly recommend him to all my friends for my yearly exams..."
Alisha C
"...Dr. Zeluff has a way of making a dreaded experience as comfortable as humanly possible and not just an impersonal examination. I feel that he cares for me as a whole person and is truly interested in what is going on in my life..."
Kelly A
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